The quality of our wines is based on the quality of our grapes. The Mudgee region’s hot summer days and cool nights plus the unique microclimate and soils of our vineyard enable us to fully develop the flavour profile and varietal character of the fruit, before we harvest at optimal ripeness.

The wines are then hand crafted by our winemaker in small batches using the best combination of modern know-how and traditional techniques to turn good grapes into distinctive and enjoyable wines.

Current release wines

2006 Sangiovese: smooth, savoury and distinctive wine made from the classic Italian grape: the ideal food wine for the modern Australian palate.

2005 Cigno Nero: sangiovese/cabernet sauvignon blend which retains the sangiovese characters and adds a little depth and complexity.

2007 Shiraz Viognier: a lively, silky textured wine brimming with vibrant colour and flavour: a great example of why this blend is becoming so popular.

2006 Chardonnay: full flavoured and elegant, this creamy barrel fermented chardonnay shows how well Mudgee suits the classic white variety.

2007 Viognier: a beautifully balanced wine with an intriguing array of flavours: try it and discover why this wine beat all comers to win a gold medal.